Cycle Mode Anomaly.

We have a project (Cubase Pro 8.5).

We have a virtual instrument that plays a single note for 24 bars. (Heavyocity’s Scoring guitars inside Kontakt).

Now if we cycle16 bars in the middle of 24 bars the song is playing, the instrument gets louder and louder.

First time through, it is around -12db.
2nd loop through, it is around -8db.
3rd loop through, it is around -6db.
A few more cycles and it is close to 0db.

It is almost like it is getting a note on at the start of the cycle and no note off at the end of the cycle.

It is making tracking using lanes tricky. After a couple of cycles, the pad is louder than the drums. (unless we mute it, which what we are currently doing, though I might just render it in place tomorrow).

I had this back from Heavyocity.

“If your loop point occurs exactly on the note’s release, then it is possible that Kontakt is not receiving the note off message, and is thus stacking the loop sample. Try dragging the end of the note to before the loop point in order to send that note off message.”

We will try this.

So unsure if this is a Cubase issue (not sending the note off to Kontakt), or Kontakt issue?

We have a workaround for tracking. For mixing, we will just render in place the instrument, like we normally do nowadays…

Open to suggestions.

what´s your question exactly?