cycle mode plays notes which are not in actual cycle bars

Hi all,

I recognized a strange behavior while having CUBASE set to cycle mode when I am going to record some notes or even when I play the project.

What I mean is that on each new repetition of the cycle CUBASE starts playing the last note which comes right BEFORE the actual cycle begins.
On the screenshot you can see what I mean - the cycle area and the „strange note“ marked.

I cannot understand why it is behaving like that. This also occurs to other instruments, not only Violins like in this case…but not to all of them. It is pretty strange.

Any idea to solve that? Are there any settings I have to check?



What is your settings of Preferences > MIDI > Extend Playback Range of Note Start before the Part?


I had 240 ticks, so two 16th notes, set to be included to the “pre-cycle”.I set that to 0 ticks and everything is fine now.

Actually, I checked the settings but I could not find any appropriate sounding option to change.

Thank you very much for your help. You saved my day :slight_smile: