Cycle Record / Loop -- Have Right Cycle Auto-Follow duplicated Loop?

Literally asking for a friend, who comes from MPC loop style recording days. He states this also works on Presonus Studio One…is it possible with Key Commands / Macros in Nuendo ?

Steps listed as below:

  1. Loop a section for 2 bars, midi record, this parts easy =)
  2. Duplicate that part while its looping…without taking out of record mode.
  3. Have the End or Right Cycle Loop Marker Follow the tail end of the most recent duplicated part, keeping the left Cycle Marker where it is at. And if we keep duplicating, just have the cycle expand.

So far to sort of make this happen, I HAVE to take the record enable OFF, to move or modify or alter the cycle at all. I understand why, but…we should still be able to override that.

After I take the record mode out, then I can move the cycle to the duplicated part, as long as that part is selected.

We don’t want to have to pre-select parts really, it should just press a key command, the right cycle goes to the last duplicated event / part, and that’s its. and its still in loop / cycle / record mode.

Supposedly, Studio one does this.

This makes my head hurt