Cycle recording funtions

in Cubase sx there was a midi ‘Cycle recording function’
Where did it go ? cant find it in cubase 8.5
its a shame if its gone, can it be done in the logical editor ??

It was very, very, usefull. When recording in cycle mode you could just let it loop/cycle and if pressed a wrong note you could press the ‘K’ (on computer keys) and on the music keyboard press the note and deleted it was , it was genious to make arpeggios and drums by playing them live.

here from page 95 in the get started manual for sx3.

Delete Last Version
If you just made a mistake on the last lap, proceed as follows:
• While recording, select Delete Last Version from the pop-up menu or
press [V] on the computer keyboard.
This erases your last recording. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t play anything for several
laps, the last lap that you recorded anything on is erased.
Delete Subtrack
If you make a mistake and don’t wish to keep anything of what you’ve just recorded,
proceed as follows:
• While recording, select Delete Subtrack or press [B] on the computer
The Part is cleared (but not deleted) and you can instantly start inputting music
again, without leaving Record mode.
Key Erase
To erase all notes played with a certain key, or keys, proceed as follows:

  1. While recording, press and hold the relevant keys on the synth keyboard.
  2. Select Key Erase from the pop-up menu or hold down [K] on the computer

I just looked in the index of the manual for 8.5 pro/artist and sure enough, on pg 226,

Cycle Recording can be found.

Hi thanks for replying.
But it is not Cycle recoring in it self but what you can do in cycle recording.

likje this
Record a midi cycle; let it run in a loop, Press A1 A2 C1 D1 D2 or other random notes, let it run for 4 cycles /times or more.

While playing;
on Computer keyboard; hit V to delete the last VErsion
Hit K and press A2 note at same time and all A2 notes is gon.
and so on.