Cyclic playback of region

choosing a region in a clip or montage and engaging /cyclic/loop playback does not seem to give visual feedback if it is ON or OFF. very annoying in the workflow!
or did i miss something?


Do you see the “Transport Bar”?
in there you have the Loop icon, it turn blue when it’s on
Just make an selection and Loop can’t be more visual than that!

regards S-EH

i usually don’t display the TRansport Bar. once that is visible it is obvious.

PS: as a suggestion for the developers: it would be a nice touch for the selected loop region to change color when in loop active mode.

This is already the case: according to the looped selection, the timeline is contrasted:

i was suggesting to highlight/change the colour of the actual region selection between when loop mode is selected, and when it is not. so that it becomes very clear in which state the loop function is.
not a big thing, but would make workflow a bit easier.

What do you call “the actual region selection” then?

I would vote against anything showing different in the actual wave view when looping is active. It would be distracting to me, and there’s already enough info there. Plus, there is already a perfect indication that loop play is active: in the transport bar, where it belongs.


this is how it looks now regardless if the loop is on or not.
i would find it helpful if the now grey area would turn e.g. blue when the loop is active.

I agree, something similar to Cubase would be a nice addition. When looping is active, the selected region gets a different color in the time line.

But in Cubase only the timeline itself gets the other color, not the whole highlighted region. And it also has a good indication on the transport bar, so also in Cubase it is unnecessary IMO…