Cymbal crescendo effect (Noteperformer 4)


I’m looking to reproduce this effect: Cymbal Roll Sound Effect - YouTube

But I don’t really know what type of cymbal to use with Dorico / Noteperformer. I’ve seen that there’s the suspended cymbal (1 single cymbal) or the fanfare cymbal (2 cymbals that you strike against each other or rub against each other harder and harder, I imagine, to make the effect). The problem is that with any cymbal, it plays directly a percussive sound, and that’s not what I’m looking for.

Does anyone have any idea what type of cymbal to use and how to use it to get the crescendo effect?

Generally one would use a suspended cymbal for a roll, although NP’s suspended cymbal is really a drum kit suspended cymbal rather than an orchestral iteration. One may have to explore other sound sets to find a concert suspended cymbal sound.

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