Cymbal Roll Ties

I’m curious if I can tie a rolled cymbal note to a non-rolled cymbal note, to indicate a release on beat 1 rather than there being a roll on beat one as well. Pictured below is what happens when I tie the two together normally.

I don’t want those slashes on the 8th note (quaver) on beat 1. Now, I can slightly get around this using a slur, but the engraving for that slur then visually needs to be nudged at the end there (which I’d rather not need to do for every roll I do that may look like this.

I’d appreciate any help on this. Thanks!

What you’re doing is one option: the other is to go into Engrave mode and select only the first note and apply the tremolo to that note only via the Properties panel.

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Or in the case of a roll that needs tremolandi on multiple noteheads, select the final notehead in Engrave mode and set its Single Stem Trem property to None.

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These are both extremely useful answers! Thanks so much!