Cymbal roll

How might I create a cymbal roll with a specific note duration? I have been working quite successfully with Vibes and xylophone and timpani etc. but can’t quite get the cymbal roll to work. Thank you.

What specifically are you having an issue with?

for notation, on the right hand side of the screen in write mode, there is the repeat endings menu, this has a “tremolos” section that includes the un-metered roll slashes, diddle slashes for things like snare drums, the “Z” notation for buzz rolls, along with the un-metered roll notes tied to an 8th. I use the last one a bunch, in combination with the L.V tie to get this result:


For playback, that’s going to depend on what sounds you are using. I use noteperformer which doesn’t have very sophisticated control over suspended cymbal sounds, other than what is notated. I have messed around with sending MIDI CC 64 in the automation lane of the key editor to not have much effect on the un-pitched percussion instruments.

Sometimes I will drag the playback length in the key editor:
properties panel, look at the top of that panel and hit the icon that looks like a piano roll on the top left, then click the waveform symbol next to the 2 8th notes (this signifies that you are editing the length/position of the played back note, not the note that is written in the score).

Thank you for your response. I should have been more specific. I am using several percussion instruments all played by a single player. I enter the music in galley and have had no issues until I got to the cymbal roll part. I have a single line for this unpatched instrument and have entered a cymbal symbol, so to speak, with tremelo from the repeat structures section, but I can’t seem to be able to specify note duration. Something like the little square parallelogram on its side, either with or without a stem and dotted if need be. In this case I would like a dotted half. And I can’t get a roll sound, just a crash. You may have answered that last part by indicating that Dorico comes with no available cymbal roll sound. Am I reading you correctly? It’s no huge deal not to be able to get a good sound, but I would like to notate it properly. If you have any further thoughts that would be appreciated. Thanks again.

i don’t know what you created exactly.

In unpitched percussion you can enter notes with “y” instead of a note name key. Just select the notevalue and hit y.
Then you can add the three slashes.
The notehead you can change in the setup mode.

How about posting a Dorico file containing an excerpt that demonstrates your problem?

Thank you for the suggestion. I would like each of these cymbal entries to have the duration of a dotted half with the roll culminating in a crash on the second entry. Preferably with a sound to that effect. Thanks again.

Slice 1.pdf (17.9 KB)

A Dorico file, please, not a picture.

Yes a file please.

Those ARE dotted half notes, but with a x-heads