Cymbal Snare Glitching with Multitrack editor Drums!

So i am deep into editing a pretty sloppy couple of drum performances

And I am finding the drum editing is absolutely awesome 95% of the time… the other 5% i am running into some weirdness with getting some glitching on the snare and cymbals everyone once in a while (normally when kick and snare should be close but are played darn poorly…

Haven’t beat detected much in the past couple of years… so am i just being dumb with the edit and missing something huge? (maybe a little time stretching to clean up the tails?) or is this just an inevitable result of poor drumming?


I suppose it all depends on what the “glitching” is.

What I usually do, if the drumming is realllllly bad, I wind up doing drum replacement because of phasing artifacts that happen when stretching one element separately from a multitrack. Or take a section that is closer in timing and replace the offending area.

Describe the glitching are you experiencing.

hearing the tails “retrigger” if you will (initial snare hit… then hearing a bit after the innitial transient re-play)

kind of almost sounds like he is playing a flam

just as a side note… the kid’s cymbal playing is absolutely mindless

If we stretched some tails as a group… I am assuming that would still create the same cluster explicative of phase

(although i have heard some good time correcting results using elastic audio in PT)
I may end up sample re-enforcing any way…

I am just half tempted to re-do the parts myself in superior drummer… (then again… let’s see if the band’s budget will allow it :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply!