I’m trying to add crash and suspended cymbals to a piece, but they do not playback (snare drum, wood blocks, xylophone, and tympani play just fine.) The HALion SE screen shows that two [GM 129] Stereo GM Kits have been added, and the HALion keyboard has keys that play the cymbal sounds; but the notes in the score do not play. I’ve tried to use the Setup mode Edit Percussion Playing Techniques, but to no avail. I’ve also read Unpitched Percussion in the Help file – but I admit I’ve no idea what it’s talking about.

Can someone tell me how to get these cymbals to play like the other percussion instruments in the score?


Norm, are you able to attach a snippet of your project, so we can see how you’re approaching the percussion setup? What I suggest you do is do File > Save As to save the project under a new name, then delete all of the other players apart from the percussion player(s), then do Play > Playback Template to reapply the default template (this will dramatically reduce the file size), then zip it up and attach it here and I’ll take a look.

  1. I just created a new project, call it Project 2, in recently installed Dorico 2.2; and the cymbals play.
  2. The “old” project had been created in Dorico 2.1, and when first opened in Dorico 2.2 presented the message that it was being updated to a 2.2 project. This was the file, call it Project 1, in which the cymbals would not play.
  3. At your suggestion, Daniel, I did Play > Playback Template in Project 1-- and now the cymbals play.

Perhaps users should be alerted to the possibility of using this step when opening older files in a new version of Dorico.

Thanks again for your help.