D-4 and Music XML 4.0 Support

D-4 and Music XML 4.0 Support

Loving D-4 thus far!

Unfortunately, XML creation in Dorico 4 seems unchanged, with a very long list of items described in other elderly threads not surviving translation to other notation apps. Particularly bothersome are lost piano pedal notations and abbreviated staff names.

(And please, we’ve been promised fermatas, breath marks, cesuras, etc would affect playback since version 1. Yes, there are workarounds.)

It is true XML translation shortcomings are not entirely a Dorico issue. God bless Michael Good and the Dorico Team for making XML work as well as it does!

I urge the Dorico Team to improve XML creation and import to XML 4.0 levels for D-4.01, and working with Michael Good to improve translation for XML 4.x.

Currently our university has hundreds of students working in Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore and Dorico, with Dorico and MuseScore gaining users rapidly at the expense of the other two. The university only supports Finale and Sibelius officially.

I would like to see Dorico be the ONLY app supported by our institution, which would save us considerable expense. But Finale and Sibelius will be with us for many years, and XML file translation both directions will be necessary.

Unfortunately, until Dorico XML compatibility is improved, and the Dorico licensing issue fully implemented I cannot make a strong case for Dorico as our only supported notation app.



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Yes, I am a dinosaur. : )

Dear peerlessnerd, if you could edit your post to remove the back-ticks ` it would make the text a great deal easier to read. (In this forum, that character formats text as a code sample, disabling word wrap.)

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Thanks for the legibility tip Mark. Daily reader here, but rarely post.

We certainly know that there is lots more to do in the area of MusicXML import and export, and although we can’t make any specific commitments about it, it is something we do plan to spend more time on.

Thanks Daniel. Congrats on D-4. Users everywhere remain impressed with the dedication here in the forum with quick responses from you and your team monitoring this important release.

18 hour days for you?? Get some rest! You deserve it! )