D 5.1: Iconica Sketch not detected?


Today I installed Iconica Sketch along with Dorico 5.1 update, but still can’t select it from the playback templates. I’m attaching the D.Diag below:

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (549.9 KB)

Thanks a lot for your help.

@Ulf @dspreadbury

I think you’ll need to download the HALion Sonic Selection content as it looks like you’re missing some of it - all the Iconica Sketch templates also include HALion Sonic Selection so I think all of it will need to be present for the template to work. You’re also missing the Groove Agent content I think, though that’s not essential.

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I reinstalled Halion Sonic 7, and Iconica Sketch but, I still can’t select Iconica from the Playback Templates:

Here’s the new D.Diag:

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (622.3 KB)

Am I doing something wrong? Should I install Groove Agent SE5 too?

Did you install the HALion instrument or the HALion content? It’s the content you’re missing, still - it shows up in SDA as “HALion Sonic Selection - Content (recommended)”

I have the same problem. I have installed everything, including the Sonic Selection - Content

The expression maps are there but not the playback template. This is on a MAC Mini M2, Ventura 13.5.2


Chris, you’ll need to provide a set of diagnostics for us to diagnose (see what I did there?) the problem.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your REALLY fast response! :slight_smile:


Dorico Diagnostics.zip (580.6 KB)

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You need to install Olympus Choir Micro and Indian Drum Basics from SDA, Chris.

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HI Daniel,

SDA showed that I’ve already installed these but I reinstalled. This has fixed the problem.

Thanks! You and your team have done a really great job!


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Oh! I see what I’m missing now. Thank you Rich.

I’ve had the exact same problem : the SDA showing everything was installed, but reinstalling Halion Sonic Selection (as per Daniel’s advice) solved the issue…

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Same here, solved!