D-50 Vibe free soundbank

Here’s a free soundbank I made as a I was learning Halion, maybe someone finds it useful. It’s Roland D-50 patches redone in Halion the way they are done in the real D-50 - partials plus synth layers. Not 100% copy of course, but close enough.


Very nice Savinoff! Totally captured that vibe!
Quick question - is there any way to access the PCM partials that don’t appear in these presets?
3-Xylo1, 6-Hammer or 7-JpnDrm for example.

I started off by sampling all the partials available, not knowing which of them would be used, and then making the patches of the first bank one by one loading partials as needed. So if the available presets don’t use some partials, they didn’t make it to the bank.

Thanks for the free soundset.
These sounds are very useful.

Can you say how long it took to create that?


Can you say how long it took to create that?

It did take a couple of weeks since I was a total newbie as far as the whole synth and sound design things go, I was learning in the process. It’s been interesting though, especially getting to know how the Roland’s sound designers from almost 40 years ago have used every tiny bit of technology available back then to make these sounds, to the point where they even used the horrible D50 aliasing to their benefit.

I see - thanks.

Great thank you for the patches, will give them a try later today!