D2.1 Gallery/Page View - Option to Display Flow Name & Navigate to Flow


working with multiple Music Cues in one projects - it is very difficult to keep track which music cues I am working with. (Each Music Cue = one separate Flow). Could you please Add a feature to display the flow name at the top of the screen for every new flow in gallery view ?
Also it would be cool if Dorico would scroll in page and in gallery view to the beginning of the selected flow (setup mode) Right now, I have to always scroll around no matter which flow is selected (or a right mouse click option on a flow → navigate to beginning…)

Thanks ,
Cheers, lokotus

Dear lokutus,
Pardon me, I do not mean to be rude. ALL of these questions have already been discussed, the team know about them — and will probably provide us with good solutions. That is the reason why “search the forum before you start a thread” is THE rule of this forum… Daniel and his team have made very clear that the different features that will be worked on have no relationship with how many people ask for them here, nor how bad you want those to happen sooner that later. They have a roadmap. Be patient :wink:

Marc, you are correct of course. But I do have to say, I spend waaay too much time on this forum, and I still miss things, or don’t search accurately, or sometimes I bring something up that has already been discussed extensively and people are tired of talking about it. It’s one of the happy side effects of having a pretty active forum!

In general I find that, compared to other forums on other sites, we don’t really have any troll postings like, “I want to learn how to write good musics, can anyone help me???” So in general I think we have a pretty responsible user engagement, for which I’m thankful. I imagine the moderators are pretty watchful as well.

But yes, people should keep remembering to search before they post. I know Daniel reads every thread, so I also try to be careful about replying if there’s nothing helpful to add.

it is right - search first - post second - A really cool forum feature is the threads suggestion based on what I write or a tagging system ?
Do you know persons forum with suggested features that you can vote on ? You can easily see discussed features there…
It would be cool if steinberg introduced such an advanced system…

In answer to your requests:

  1. As long as you’re not in full screen, the name of the current flow IS shown in the title bar of the window.
  2. If you select a flow in Setup mode, the preview jumps to the start of that flow. Then it’s just a case of switching to Write mode.
  3. Cmd/Ctrl-G will allow you to navigate to any bar in any flow.

Now, did you actually want to request something that isn’t already possible? :wink:

Thanks, but 2 " If you select a flow in Setup mode, the preview jumps to the start of that flow. " doesn’t work here. Are you on win / osx ? Any option enabled I don’t know about ?

At the top of Setup mode you need to make sure that the selected (previewed) Layout actually contains the flows you’re clicking on. Aside from that, I can’t see why this shouldn’t work on your machine. I’ve only tried it on macOS just now, but I’ll be in front of a Windows machine later on today and will try again there.

It definitely works on Windows too.