D3.1 mixer oddity with second monitor

I have noticed a strange oddity with my mixer window with Dorico 3.1 Pro and as relates to my second monitor use.
I have a second monitor that I use to display my VST windowns/configurations, and often the mixer window so I can make tweeks as I work on a score on my main monitor.

The other day I noticed I could not click on the mute button for a channel. I quickly checked an sure enough, none of my mute buttons worked. The mixer window would still allow me to adjust volume for a given channel, and so I moved on with my work by just turning the volume off for the channel I needed to mute. But after working on this a few days, I’ve discovered that it seems to be when the mixer window is in the second monitor, I can’t adjust the via the mute buttons, but if I bring the mixer back to the main screen I can mute. Moving it back to second monitor screen then I can not unmute.

I do not recall this ever being a problem with Dorico 2, but I can’t say with confidence if I noticed it with 3.0.
I also just realized I did the screen adjustment w/3.1 to affect the overall sizing issue we’ve seen with 3.1 and got it back to normal sizing - so I’ll investigate if that is the issue when I have some more time.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this oddity, if it’s a known bug, or it’s something with my setup/use case that I need to figure out.

thanks in advance

Addendum - I checked - the QT_SCALE_FACTOR setting does not appear to impact this either way

What screen arrangement are you using, and what scale factor do you have on each of your two displays?

Not sure exactly what you mean about screen arrangement?

Windows scaling factor is 125% (Hadn’t thought about this but this setting is what I’ve used with previous versions of Dorico where I don’t recall seeing the problem I can retry after setting this to normal however)

AT_SCALE_FACTOR is set to 0.8 which returns Dorico to the same look/feel before the QT bug fix. I did try removing that and it was no help.

Are both of your displays the same physical resolution and set to the same scale factor? By “screen arrangement”, I mean how are the displays virtually arranged in relation to each other?

Primary monitor on left/1920x1080 @ 125% adjustment
Secondary monitor on right/1920x1080 @ 100% adjustment
So my second monitor was set to 100% where my primary was set to 125% (Running with QT_SCALE_FACTOR at 0.8 which apparently is not a good combination with 100% settings!)
Changing my second monitor to match my first monitor (125%) has resolved the issue. Hadn’t realized immediately that they were different.
Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Should have figured it had something to do with display settings

Great, glad you got it figured out.

kloewen - what is AT_SCALE_FACTOR?
is this a setting in Dorico? or is it a windows or mac screen settings?

and where do you make these adjustments?
“Primary monitor on left/1920x1080 @ 125% adjustment
Secondary monitor on right/1920x1080 @ 100% adjustment”

I still have a weird quirk that when I’m using an additional display on my macbook, when I open the transpose window it is positioned almost off the bottom of the macbook display with only the title bar showing. It’s a minor annoyance that has persisted since D v3. Not a big problem but I would like to figure it out eventually.

The issue you’re experiencing, kt-va, is a different one. I assume your display arrangement is that your exernal display is positioned above your MacBook’s display in virtual space?

yes, above.

I didn’t intend to bump my problem which I’ve previously posted. Screen settings are something I hadn’t explored.

Qt sometimes gets confused about where the centre of the display is in certain screen arrangements, which causes it to miscalculate where the dialog should open. We’ve not yet pinned down the circumstances under which this happens in order to report the problem to their development team.

Same problem here: transpose window positioned almost off the bottom of the macbook (second monitor positioned above Macbook). Glad to know there will be a solution eventually…