D3.5 possible IAC midi bugs

Hi all,

I seem to have a few bugs using IAC midi in D3 and D3.5.
OS 10.14.6

I’m using IAC midi to connect to Mainstage, writing a piece with synths and patch changes and since I can’t find anyway to do it within Dorico am using IAC to Mainstage and manually changing patches there. I keep having repeated issues. Midi through is turned off in Dorico.

1 - Losing midi input. When I switch back and forth between Mainstage and Dorico I quite often lose midi input for Dorico. Checking settings in midi input confirms that my keyboard is still selected, but Dorico won’t take keyboard input. Keyboard is still working fine in Mainstage through this. Only workaround is to quit and restart Dorico.

2 - Playback won’t stop. Quite often I can’t stop playback with either space bar or hitting play/stop button top right of the screen. Only workaround at present is press spacebar to stop, toggle from write into play or another window, toggle back to write.

(unrelated to IAC)
3 - Multiscreen and transpose - When using fullscreen mode with multiple monitors if I select ‘transpose’ in the menu it opens in some mystic desktop space I cannot find. Can’t figure out how to get out of that window and only option is to wait long enough for auto save to cover my ass and then force quit and restart.

Otherwise, I do love this program.

Is it possible that you have inadvertently set the IAC Bus as a MIDI input device as well as a MIDI output device? That would be consistent with the program not being able to stop playback, because you’re creating a MIDI feedback loop that would be choking the application. Make sure that IAC Bus is disabled in the MIDI input devices dialog in Preferences.

With regard to the Transpose dialog, what I have occasionally seen reported is that if you have multiple displays and one of the displays is directly above or below the other, rather than to one side or the other, then the Transpose dialog can open with its title bar right at the bottom of one of the two screens. We’re not yet sure why the Transpose dialog in particular should be affected in this way. But try looking for its title bar at the very bottom of each of your displays.

Thanks, Daniel.

Yes, it must have been a feedback loop with IAC. It now works with midi through off in Dorico and the IAC bus disabled as an input.

I do have a monitor below the one I use for Dorico but haven’t been able to see the title bar. I’ll search a bit harder next time.