D3 Exp Map Keyswitch + Velocity issue?

Hey guys,
D3 is awesome. Congratulations. I ran into the following issue today, and after much experimentation, decided to write to you.

Expected behavior:
I want to set a velocity controlled keyswitch, in this case C-2 as the KS, and a velocity to set the articulation, e.g. 1 for “normal” 40 for “staccato” etc. (This is the Spitfire UACC KS approach).

Observed behavior:
No matter what the velocity I set in the expression map setup, Dorico is sending velocity 100 to Kontakt. I can see this behavior in the Kontakt MIDI Monitor. Dorico is sending the C-2 KS note, but not the second velocity value for the articulation.

Please see screenshot attached:

I believe the expected behavior worked in D2.

Am I missing a step?

Thanks for your help.

This doesn’t appear to be the expected behaviour. I’ll take a look when I’m back in the office

I can see that this is a bug in the key switch generation. I’ve logged it in our database.

Ok thanks. Any estimate on a fix? This would impact more than just Spitfire libraries.

It will very likely be fixed in the next Dorico 3 update, but as yet there is no date for that update. (You will notice that we released Dorico 3.0 less than a week ago.)

Thank you. You will also notice that I found this bug for you within a day or two of the release, so you’re welcome. I’ve been a customer since V1 but the playback features you’ve introduced with 3.0 have, for me, made it possible for me to start using your product in my daily workflow. This particular bug is an impediment to how I intend to use the product (and the way you intend for me to use it, by design) with every project and probably almost every track, and so I have to decide if the workarounds are worth it or should I wait for the next update. That is why I’m asking for a potential date. I need to be able to rely on the velocity value sent to the VST, and I’ve run into this issue with two separate VST products on two separate attempts in less than a week (as you say). My point is that this bug isn’t some arcane “gotcha” but something that seems rather serious that you’d want to fix sooner rather than later. On a positive note, I think the independent voice playback is a brilliant implementation of a very difficult problem, so I really can’t wait to be able to use it as you’ve designed it. In fact, I am so impressed by the new features that I just put down $3500 for a new studio PC so that I can get maximum performance from Dorico and my sample libraries. Congrats to you and the teams…and I wish you every bit of success.

I believe Paul has already fixed the bug today, so now it’s just a matter of when we will release the next update, and at this stage, less than a week after the last release, we simply don’t know.

Thanks for supporting Dorico, and I’m glad that the features we’ve added in Dorico 3 are going to make the software more useful to you. That’s always our aim!

Fair enough, Daniel. Thanks for the notice. Great news about fixing the bug!