D3: navigation in write mode

I very much like the new navigation in Write mode. Thanks!

Sometimes the navigation is not doing what I expect. There seems to be a problem, when I want to move through the dynamics of a piece, when there are grouped (and/or linked?) dynamics. If you look at the attached example, it isn’t possible for me to cycle through all dynamics in one voice.

Also it would be great, if one could also move to the next dynamic in the lower or upper staff by pressing up or down arrow.
navigation in write mode.zip (619 KB)

There is a limitation with Write mode navigation at present with grouped dynamics, specifically with dynamics at the same position, such as a piano followed by a hairpin. I’ll take care of this when I get the chance.

Thank you!

I also had troubles with some haipins, which didn’t react on “Tab” to switch back to the note in one file, but at the moment I didn’t find a reproducible case.