D3 - Velocity Editor

I’m not a midi expert, but my assumption was that the Velocity Editor allows you to have fine control over instrument volumes. I cannot get this to work. Is my assumption wrong? I’ve attached a sample dorico project file and screen shot.
Velocity Editor.dorico.zip (780 KB)
You’ll notice that I’ve lowered lowered the velocity of all the Oboe notes to 1, but it makes no difference to the playback volume.

I’m also noticing another quirk. When I highlight an oboe note (as in the attached pic) - the velocity on the flute and clarinet also display as 1.

Lowering the volume in the mixer is not a solution, since that throws off the balance in other sections of my piece.

Hopefully I’m missing something obvious.

Should add - If it matters, I’m on a Mac Mini with plenty of ram running latest MacOS - Catalina 10.15.2

The oboe sound doesn’t use MIDI velocity to determine dynamics, because velocity is typically only used to control the dynamic for percussive, non-sustaining instrument sounds. Those instruments tend to use a continuous controller instead; in HSO, for example, dynamic for instruments with sustaining sounds is done by way of MIDI modulation, controller 1. So editing the velocity lane won’t have any effect for the oboe. You could try drawing in data in the automation lane for CC1 instead.

Daniel - As always thanks for prompt reply. CC1 is not working for me, however it looks like CC11 is controlling dynamics.

It’ll depend on the specific patch. You can look at the Endpoint Setup dialog to see which expression map is being used, then go to Play > Expression Maps to see which controller is being used for dynamics.