D4 - "Follow Tempo" Changes To "Fixed Tempo" Unexpectedly

When playback is following the metronome marking in the score this is what I see:

If I switch to another app like VEPro and then come back to Dorico, this is what I see:


I don’t know how that could be happening. Could you provide a more detailed report so I can understand exactly what you’re doing? Is Dorico playing back when you switch to another application? Is it still playing back when you return focus to Dorico?

For me, this happens every time I play past a certain absolute tempo change and then start playing again from the beginning of the flow, provided this last tempo change is q<300. As soon as q>=300, “follow tempo” stays selected.

Yes, that’s a problem we’re aware of, and the next update will increase the upper limit for the tempo display in the Transport.

Daniel, I don’t think it is a problem with an upper limit, because the flow begins with q=500, which does show up correctly in the tempo display. I have three tempo settings, q=500, q=300 and finally q=100. It is the last one, that throws a spanner in the cogs. With anything less than 300, the “follow tempo” setting switches off. With 300 or more, everything is fine.