D4 Frequent crashes and hangs

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.8 MB)
I recently updated to Dorico 4 from 3.5, and have had a few issues, mainly Dorico crashing or hanging. It is usually when I have tried to work on multiple project windows at the same time. I am unsure of the cause: my incompetence or a fault. Also, I am finding it to be much slower in operation than 3.5 – slow to save, slow to apply changes, etc.
Windows 10, v. fast laptop.
For example, I was transcribing from one window from an orchestral work to a band one during which, every so often, changing something innocuous (like copying tempo from the orchestral project to paste into the band one), or a more complicated change (such as unblocking VSTs), Dorico just hangs. Windows asks me if I wish to wait for the program to respond or close it – waiting does not resolve the problem so I end up closing it – either through Windows prompt or Task Manager. I then try to restart Dorico, but the start-up dialogue just hangs ‘waiting to connect’. I then must reboot the computer to get Dorico going again.
I cannot do a diagnostic report at the time, as Dorico will not respond, but I have appended one after a restart – hope that has the history you need.
The latest attempt to start after a reboot got the licence activation dialogue which itself hung!
I’m not having a good day.
Thanks in advance


Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Pete. I’m afraid the diagnostic report you’ve attached doesn’t contain any crash dumps, so I’m not able to take a look and see what might be happening there. My guess is that Dorico is not itself crashing but rather is ending up hanging.

If you’re working with multiple projects open and you’re copying and pasting between them, I would suggest that you make use of the new capabilities in Dorico 4 to deactivate one or both of the projects for playback. That will make it quicker to switch between them, because you don’t have to wait for Dorico to load the sounds in either or both of them when you switch.

If you do encounter a hang, chances are the reason Dorico can’t restart is because the audio engine is still running, and possibly itself hanging. You can get a good Task Manager replacement for Windows called Process Explorer, which allows you to see individual processes running on your computer. Look for the VSTAudioEngine.exe process, and end that if you see it’s running. You can also try manually quitting the Steinberg License Engine process.

Then you should be able to restart Dorico.

If you find saving slower than in version 3.5, it’ll be because Dorico is saving a graphical preview in your project, which it can show in the Hub and (already on macOS and soon on Windows) in the OS shell itself. You can disable this by deactivating the checkbox at the bottom of the File > Project Info dialog, with the Project selected.

Thank you Daniel - I will try all of the above.