D4 much slower than 3.5 - remedy?

I’m running Dorico on two very fast computers (Intel Core i9, with windows). Dorico 3.5 coped even with very large projects (such as a whole opera). There were slight delays in reaction time, but it was manageable. On D4 there has been a dramatic deterioration. Reaction time (with the same projects), even with the simplest operations of changing notes is so slow that it makes working impossible.

  1. Is there a way to shut off some added features/functions which I may not need? (NB I only have one layout open at a time anyway)
  2. Any hope the slowness will improve in Dorico 4.1? Or is it here to stay?
  3. Has the bug in D3.5 regarding cues not being imported from flows been fixed? If so, that would at least allow splitting up big project and combining the flows only at the very last stage.
    Thanks, Guy

Interesting! I have used Dorico 3.5 on my Mac Pro for a while trying out what’s possible to do and what’s imported from MusicXML files. The reaction time has been quite noticeable, even for trivial things like selecting notes.

However, I upgraded to Dorico 4.0 a few days ago and after that all these delays are gone. Dorico 4.0 feels much more responsive than Doric 3.5. But that’s my impression after trying things in projects with just a few bars and instruments. I have not tried large scores.

I suspect the dev team will ask you to share a file that works well in 3.5 but doesn’t in 4.0 so they can study it. If it’s something you can share publicly, I’m sure other users would also test to see how it loads on their machines in both versions.

Yes, I’d say most people’s experience is that D4 is faster for some operations, and certainly no slower.

So the good news is that it’s probably a local problem that can be fixed at your end!

Can you supply a sample project (with messed up notes, if you don’t want to post your work) that shows the problem, so that others can see if it behaves similarly on their computers? Or even to see if we can identify what’s causing it?

It would definitely be helpful to have the project(s) you’re working on, Guy, and specific information about particular editing operations that definitely seem slower in Dorico 4 than in Dorico 3.5. It’s certainly not impossible that we have introduced one or more bugs that could make the performance worse under some circumstances, but there are no known problems like that at the moment. Your project(s) could provide us with a means to determine one or more such problems, and hopefully to fix them.

If you don’t want to post them here, that’s fine: please send me an email if you prefer (d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de).

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Thank you all very much. I don’t have something I can share publicly, but I will send something to Daniel.

I have the same problem - Dorico 4.02 is much slower here than 3.5. Especially going from one layout to another takes a lot of time. Also opening the mixer and other things are significantly slower.
My system is
RME UFX 2, Win 10 Pro, Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, CPU Core i7-920 8 MB,
24 GB Kingston RAM, ATI XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB.

Here is a very simple file - works fine in D 3.5.
Chinar_es__Komitas.dorico (1.4 MB)

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I have a similar problem. I just switched from a 2016 Intel MacBook Pro to a new MacBook Pro M1 Pro. My hopes were high, but unfortunately on really big scores I can’t see too much of a difference…for example switching from write mode in galley view to engrave mode instead of taking 10 seconds now it takes around 6-7 seconds…not really what you would call a satisfying workflow. Of course if I do the trick of turning on the silent playback template, which leads to things going much faster…but still…the lack in performance in big projects in my opinion has been a weak point in Dorico since the beginning. Although it got a bit better on 3.5 I think…

I just tested your file and it’s definitely slower for me too, although I wouldn’t have necessarily noticed it. According to the application.log files, switching between layouts took between 126 and 149 ms on D3.5, and 209 and 242 ms in D4.0.2. What sort of numbers are you getting? If you’re unfamiliar with it, the application log is located in C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 3.5 or 4.

(If this is really Mads Vinding, I love your playing on the recordings with Griff, Hank Jones, Kenny Drew, etc!)

Do you have a lot of VSTs? I think it’s been observed that just “having” loads of VSTs may cause sluggishness.
I’ve certainly noticed my M1 being a little bit faster than my 2018 Mini – in Rosetta. If the M1 is running native, then the speed increase is much more significant.

nope…just standard dorico…and I’m running it native…
but granted…the project is huge. 50-60 players with divisi, manual staff visibilities, manual condensing stuff and the whole deal…
and not matter what…filter view takes 4-5 seconds to switch…on that project…

I didn’t measure - it’s just very much slower.
It’s because I have many plugins. The team is on it, and I think, there will be an update very soon, that takes care of this problem.
And yes - it’s really me :slight_smile: - thank’s for the kind words!


What plugins are you using that you think caused the slowdown?

Apparently it’s not specific programs, but rather having a significant number of plugins installed on your machine. In another thread, Daniel mentions that there is apparently some issue with particularly laden VST folders that causes Dorico to constantly try to reindex the very long list, and this is a significant contributing factor to sluggishness on affected systems. One use (can’t remember who) had 1000 vst’s installed. It’s not that Dorico is trying to use them; they are just there, but the indexing causes the problem, apparently.