D5 for Ipad bad scroll behavior

After the lastest update of Dorico for IPad there are still issues , which are not fixed . The scroll behavior in the score browser is bad. The list scrolls very jerky and often jumps back to the beginning so that you can’t choose a score , which is at the end of the list.

I haven’t experienced that problem myself in the Hub in Dorico for iPad. Have you tried using the list view rather than the grid view? You’ll need to scroll much less when using the list view, as it can show many more projects in the list.

You can also open projects using the Files app, rather than using the Hub in Dorico itself.

It isn’t better with the list view. Dorico often jumps automatically back to the start of the list , which makes it impossible to select a score at the end.
In the portrait - view it’s the same with the playback icons. The green arrow for playback isn’t visible . If I scroll the area to the left, it automatically jumps back. It doesn’t happen all the time, so maybe it’s difficult to reproduce it.

I have the same problem, the view keeps scrolling back to the top. However, using an external keyboard, I can change the selected item with the arrow keys. It seems the finger scrolling is broken.