“Da Capo” & “Da Capo Light” Music Fonts for Dorico

Here are my two newest music fonts for Dorico: “Da Capo” and “Da Capo Light”, two SMuFL featuring almost 2700 symbols. Da Capo Light font is a lighter version of Da Capo, please browse the pdf links below for comparison:

The overall design is inspired from some old classical piano books I’ve on my library since I was 10 years old. I hope you like my nw design.

Da Capo & Da Capo Light SMuFL fonts are now available:



Wow, these are gorgeous!

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Thanks @Stephen_Taylor, glad that you like my design. I will soon produce a light version of my Scordatura font too. Will keep you tuned.

Type Design is my passion beside many other passions, when I am tired teaching jazz theory and jazz piano, doing arrangements, recordings, I find myself designing new fonts for my clients, and my own purpose and for fun too! Especially, developing an engraver music font is a bit harder, lot of calculations, balancing and harmonizing curves, but it’s an Art! just like music.


Just like all your other fonts, these are beautiful. You have a real skill for this. I am trying to purchase this on your website right now, but it I am having trouble. I purchased the others through notation central, but I don’t think this one is available there yet?

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Hi Chase, thanks a lot for your interest about my NorFonts, I’m trying to fix the checkout process though my website, I will notify you when it goes well. My apologies…

The checkout is being fixed now. please try again. Thanks for your interest about NorFonts Charles.

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Great font. Here is a page from a Schott vocal score I reproduced using it.


Glad that you enjoyed using my Da Capo fonts Joshua! The score looks superbe.

Hi Nor! I’ve used it to finalize my rendition of Rota’s Aladino piano score (short version in French) and your font is really beautiful. Thank you so much for this work.


Glad to hear from you dear Marc!

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I m too a Big fan of Nordine’s fonts

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Beautiful font!

Do you happen to have a complete glyph list/chart you can share? I’d love to see what less common glyphs (for avant-garde notation applications) are in this font and Scordatura. Thanks!

Thanks, please find more informations here: https://norfonts.ma

by the way try this offer too: https://www.notationcentral.com

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