Da Capo repeats not playing back properly

Hi all, I just want to post a suspected ‘issue’.

I have a Da Capo structure, with the “play repeats” ticked on. On the D.C., it seems to play back the first “clean” repeat, but skips over the two repeats with a 1st/2nd time ending, so it seems Dorico gets confused by these in D.C. structures (the repeats play back fine on the first time through).

not a massive problem for me, but just flagging it.!

If you would like to upload the file (or a cut-down version of it) it will be easier for others to determine what might be causing the problem.

I know, but I think in this case it’s quicker to just recreate the situation.

Here are the relevant pages from the manual in case there is anything which you might have missed.

Thanks. I’ve re-read these passages, but I don’t think they explain my ‘issue’. For what it’s worth, it occurs whether or not I have the play-back option “play repeats after D/C jump” ticked.

Deleteme.dorico (564.2 KB)

Here is a mock-up of the issue.

Yes, on the D.C. the repeats with 1st- and 2nd-time endings are ignored on playback (going straight into the 2nd-time ending), even if all the relevant boxes are checked in Playback Options and Properties. Repeats without alternative endings behave as expected.
I even created from scratch a Dorico project with a similar structure. The same behaviour was exhibited.

I also could not get the repeat/da capo structure to give the expected results, although I am sure I have written a piece like this (perhaps in an earlier version of Dorico) in which this combination of da capo and multi-ending repeats did work.

It is indeed a known issue that when you have multiple sets of repeat endings, after the D.C./D.S. jump, only the first set of repeats will play back again after the jump.


In my original test file, the first repeated section did not have 1st- and 2nd-time endings while the following two repeated sections did. I modified my file so that the first repeated section did have 1st- and 2nd-time endings and the following two repeated sections did not. Next, I made the file twice as long and put in another three sets of repeats. I found that, as I reported in my earlier post, those repeats which have alternative endings are not repeated after the da capo and those without alternative endings are repeated after the da capo, irrespective of whether they are the first set of repeats or not.