Da Mixer and The Media Bay! Oh My!

I’m gonna have to give Steinberg Props. Being able to have a FULL DAW LIKE MIXER is just NUTS! Love it to death.

The media bay. I honestly think it should be the standard of how presets are done. Being able to just click the “user” button and only see YOUR presets is a heaven send! The searching? Amaze. The ability to just show a certain rating and being able to sort by rating…all game changing.

I would like to offer up a couple possible suggestions though.

Media bay

  1. I wish that it would remember window sizes. Like if you click “load to new layer” and that window pops up…it has NO CLUE what you were just doing 3 seconds ago. You have to resize it AGAIN and sort AGAIN. I wish it would just stay the same size and stay in the same spot I was last in.

  2. I wish there was a way to “go to program” in the browser. Say for example you have a sound loaded in the slot rack. You accidentally click on another sound (single click) now you’re lost… you have to search for that sound and then select it again to prevent weirdness when saving.

  3. Being able to select multiple Media bay sounds and rate them. You can do it in the main media bay…but not the “load to new layer” dialog.

Da Mixer!

  1. I wish we could just select a mixer channel…hit the DELETE BUTTON and it deletes all layers/engines associated with that channel. It’s not ideal for multi layer workflow currently in my humble.

  2. Reorder the channels. Not a terrible idea.

  3. Arm/disarm multiple plug-ins on a mixer track. Hit “mute” on the first effect then move your mouse pointer down across the other effects and they get muted.

  4. Being able to duplicate a mixer channel easily.

I got more but my fingers hurt. :joy:

Amadeus e.d,p.

These were request since Cubase 7, but yes Media Bay (altrough it needs some updates) is a great tool, in my case the reason I don’t switch DAW :joy: Welcome!

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We’re all gonna need you to make a call to Mr. Yamaha and get these pushed through stat! :joy:

Amadeus e.d.p.

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