DA Sync Issue With Nuendo 5.5

Hi ive just upgraded from Nu 4 to Nu 5.5 and the only problem i have is that My AD sample rate isnt syncing with my DA sample rate when only i change songs from say 44.1 to 96k.
Nu 4 Worked fine but 5 doesnt switch my DA over to the right sample rate. So maybe ive missed something in preferences as to how to set up Nu5 to sync with the Clock?
ect, if im working on a 96k project and then want to load up a 44.1 project, I flick the AD to 44.1 to load a 44.1 project and the DA is still stuck on 96k and yes i get a chip munk version of the song, haha.
My set up - Apogee AD16X , RME Hammerfall card 9652 , Apogee DA16X.
The AD is the master Clock which Apogee calls it the Big Ben Clock. The DA is slaved to it and the Settings the the RME are set correctly as i didnt have to change anything there because it works fine with Nu3, Nu4 and my Mastering software Samplitude ProX.
Any help would be appreciated.

Apart from this little hickup, Nuendo is super stable, rock soilid, has a great organic sound engine, and blows away the competition by a mileā€¦