Da Tube saturation for Axl Rose vocal style

This is a cover of Guns n Roses “Rocket Queen” that we did during lockdown. We did a few of these remote recordings during that time, whilst we all couldn’t do our gigs. Da Tube has been a stock plugin for as log as I can remember, pretty sure it was even there in my ancient Cubase VST 5. I have a few tube & tape plugins for saturation now, but for this type of rock vocals, I first used Da Tube, cos it was the only plugin I had for this purpose. All these years later, I still actually prefer it.


Cool cover, very well done in all aspects :metal:
and yeah DaTube is THE tube ! (long time didn’t used it though )

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Yes, I guess we sometimes overlook stock plugins, cos we just expect the UA, Waves etc to be an upgrade, but this particular one is great. It can sound a little harsh & extreme when you’re soloing out the track, but it sounds just right for this kind of vocal at least. I actually used the Rev X reverbs here aswell.

Nice work, great vocal. I use stock plugins all the time, they do the job most of the time.

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Another winner! Quite possibly my favorite song on that album.

Was that really a Duff beer bottle? :laughing:

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Cheers, yes I’ve started using more of them these days, particularly the Rev X verbs. We actually did Nightrain first, it turned out alright so I just had to have a go at this, it’s also my favourite GnR song. If I lose my voice tomorrow, I’m satisfied now, but hopefully that doesn’t happen, cos I got gigs all weekend :upside_down_face:

Mine too!
Yeh that’s apparently a bottle of Duff beer!
Andrea, who did the guitars, always goes home to Peru for new year to stay with family and surf. In 2020, he got stuck there for almost 2 years because of the pandemic. It took him a couple of months to get his hands on an interface.
That Squier Strat he got, he actually found in a bin in London, so he fixed it up and took it to Peru just so he could have something to play when he goes there. He did an amazing job with it. He said it was like playing a tree!

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He absolutely did!

Drums and bass are solid as a rock, as well.

Oh … and the vocals also kick ass :sunglasses: .

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