Daisy chain MR816CSX with yamaha 01x??


I’ve heard all about the ending of support for 01x drivers, however I have recently acquired an 01x desk and already own a MR816CSX and I was wondering if I would be able to use them together in Cubase. I am running a PC on Windows XP so the drivers should be available, however I wasn’t sure if it was possible to daisy chain the 2 A/I’s using MLAN (as the 01x has no ADAT connection) where the MR816CSX would be the master system.

Would anyone be able to firstly tell me if this is possible?
And secondly give me maybe an idea of how I would do this?!

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Hmmm… Well, since there is NO MLAN driver available for the MR816, it would seem that you are out of luck. I can’t imagine why you’d want to use the 01x audio inputs, though, as there’s nothing special about them. It’s been so long since I had my 01x hooked up that I’ve forgotten most of what I knew about it. MLAN was such a cool idea, but it seems it never took off. I used mine together with an i88x to get the GOOD mike pres. COMPLEX setup is probably what killed it. You had to be an engineer to get it set up and working, but once you did, it was neat. Cubase saw the two-piece system as ONE input unit.

But, just thinking out loud, it seems like it would be cool if you could use the 01x as a control surface and handle the ASIO audio through the MR816. if Cubase would see it as a MIDI device even though the ASIO audio driver is pointed to the MR816, it seems like it might be possible, but that’s a BIG if. To find out, try this: In Cubase, with the Yamaha 1394 Windows driver running and the 01x connected, choose the generic ASIO driver and see if you can still see the 01x MIDI port and get it to work as a control surface.

I can’t imagine being stuck on Win XP, though. Also, since both of these units use a Yamaha 1394 driver, it would be interesting to see if they can both be recognized at the same time in Windows. Even if it is possible, you might be forced to use an early MR driver to get it working in XP.

Whatever, if you try this you’ll be on your own. NOBODY but a few tinkerers will be available to support you. ACHHH, so many headaches.

BTW, when I retired my 01x, Yamaha had a customer loyalty program in place that allowed my to buy my MR816 at half the retail price. Took a little of the sting out of the need to replace it due to the lack of Yamaha driver support. I doubt that it is still in place, though, as it was a long time ago. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

You can connect any spdif device to your 01X… or from your 01X to another device with a spdif IN interface. You can patch any input channel to spdif. Daisychaining thru spdif is also possible. I have my Korg Triton Rack spdif out connected to the spdif input of my 01X. (In this case the Korg needs to be the Worlclock master at 48K) And I have connected the spdif out of my 01X connected to the spdif input of my Komplete 6 Interface. Now I can use all the inputs of the 01X and redirect them to Cubase thru the spdif interface of my Komplete 6 module. You need to create a Scene and go thru the patch management (Utils>>patch>>etc and create patch presets (In and Out) so you can bind them to the Scene you have created. Have fun (y)