Damn eLicenser... how "safe" is a Hub in a live situation?


I just purchased the UR824 for live usage.

I am a drummer, having a MacBookPro beside me running Cubase - currently only with clicktrack and a playback (keys, add ons etc) - but with that UR824 I want to set up an in ear monitoring situation etc…

So there is no Midi port on the UR824 - I do not know why - this is the flagship interface and a Midiport comes even in the low budget interfaces… BUT no problem - I just have to hook up a small and simple USB - Midi interface as well.

But the Macbook only has 2 USB ports… damn Apple. And I have to connect the eLicenser as well… damn eLicenser!

Of course a HUB is the solution. But I am in a live scenario. There is heavy metal going on on the drumriser, sweat, blood and vibrations etc… I really do not like the idea to have ANOTHER pice of cable-connector-sh*t beside me…

What to do?

Installing a Cubase version which does not need an USB licenser? The LE version? Well I am owning Nuendo and 2 x Cubase 8 - I do not want to buy ANOTHER Cubase license.

Or is a bus powered USB hub just fine for connecting the Licenser and the Midi Interface? The UR824 I better connect directly…

Doesn’t UR include Cubase AI license?

Mh, I purchased that bundle - UR & full Cubase - it was a “returned unit” so it was a very good deal… maybe there is that AI version included as well … I hope! because it would be fine for live… using full version for beeing creative, just playbacking the stuff with AI…

I managed to keep mine alive by ducktaping it to the hub. It broke a couple of times, so I had to “repair”. It probably still works, but Im building a new project studio now and got a New one. The stuff that I dragged with me to various dirty venues over the last decade have been put in a bin, exept that eLicenser, lol. Don’t have a picture of the thing attached to the hub with alot of ductape, but thats how it looks ttoday after all the wear’n’tear.

If you’re handy, put the usb hub in a plasic box. Obviously with a hole drilled in it for the usb cable, and power cable if you get a powered hub.

You can get see thru plastic boxes just in case you are worried about the dongle coming loose. You can then even attach the base of the outer box to one of those horrid drum mic holders…The kind that clip to your rim and Eff it all up…:mrgreen: And now the usb hub is suedo-permanently attached to a stand or something.