Daniel go to bed!

You’re working too hard buddy.

We will survive until tomorrow.

Yeah, you might, but there will be another 70 updated threads for me to look at in the morning. And then I have to go to work and talk to the team about how to prioritise all of the things you’ve all been complaining about in the hundreds of new threads since Friday, and while I’m doing that, there will be another 50 updated threads, and several dozen emails, and probably new questions on Facebook and Twitter…

:sunglasses: You rock!! \m/ \m/
You’re a hero already, don’t become a martyr…

Sleep well,

Daniel, don’t let them get to you.

Wish we could clone you and take some of the stress load off. You’re doing such an extraordinary and wonderful job.


Hope you sleep well kind sir.


It’s going to be this way for the next months, if not years … you’ve unleashed the Beast!

You’ll be bombarded by questions, requests, complaints, suggestions, some them good, some of them silly, and a lot of them repetitive … and in this day and age some people expects an immediate answer.

You might want to include a warning in the FAQ to the effect that you cannot possibly answer everything people raise on all of the social media. Yes, that is obvious, but then again maybe not to everyone. And while you’re at it, you might as well also include some language to the effect that the software does not come with any warranties as to functionality. And that sales are final …

I’m starting to sound like the lawyer that I am! :wink: But it’s well intended as I hope you will appreciate.

I expect that as the documentation matures, certain kinds of questions will diminish (although some will ignore the documentation).

I do hope you get some kind of vacation after this critical period following the release is over.

I just have to express my enormous gratitude for all the work you put into this release, Daniel.

/from another Daniel

Daniel, don’t forget the ten to two rule! If someone is happy with what you do they’ll tell 2 people. If someone is not they’ll tell 10.
For every moaner there are five (probably more) of us out here in awe of what you’ve achieved, just steadily learning, working it out, waiting patiently for the updates in the certain knowledge that it’ll be done right, not bodged just to satisfy the moaners.
You’re no use to us completely burnt out.
Congratulations to you and all your fantastic team. You’re doing a great job.

+1 to all that!

Yes, you and your team doing a very great job, and remember:
“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Yeah, but then we will be able to help, I hope.

Daniel is a legend. Thank you for everything.

And the team! It’s an amazing, game-changing release, and I’d much rather have a few feature omissions in v1.0 with a rock solid, clever and scaleable engine under the covers, than have all the features of a decades-old competing products but with a flaky core. Go team!!

The forum could do with some stickies at the top highlighting most frequent problems and FAQs. I think if a lot of the people who have come to this forum to complain or ask questions searched their problems using the search feature on the forum, they’d probably find that Dan has already answered their question and taken note for the updates.

Class: “Good morning Mr. Spreadbury!”

Good morning, class. Please take your seats and turn to chapter 3 in Behind Bars, and we’ll begin…

Can somebody please explain to me why the person in charge of Dorico thinks he has the right to be offline! I have two million complaints that I need to tell him and everyone on this forum about in order for me to get instant gratification! I think I’ll just create a new thread about each problem separately, that way, it will be nice and much easier for him.