Danish Keyboard Language and unavailable shortcuts

Hi guys,
I’m on the trial version of Dorico 4 starting out. I do have a serious problem with key commands and I think the problem is my Danish keyboard… Many key commands didn’t work out of the box and some of them I had to change. For instance I don’t have a key that is “=” so had to change it in order to make accidentals, I can live with that. When I want to enter Galley View (Ctrl + alt +2) nothing happens. If I add a shortcut in the preferences and press ctrl + alt + 2, Dorico writes Ctrl + Alt + @. If I add this shortcut it does not work and does not get me into Galley View.

Before I invest alot of time in (re)-creating and testing all key commands from the ground up (sigh!) I want to ask for any advise from you.

Would love to start my journey with Dorico in a good manner!



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Sorry to hear you’re having problems with key commands on your Danish keyboard, Simon. Certainly we don’t have any built-in default shortcuts for keyboard languages other than those found in the menu in the Key Commands page of Preferences. However, you should find that any shortcuts you define work, even if the display of the keys that appears in the shortcut box at the top of the right-hand pane doesn’t match exactly what you expect to see based on the symbols that appear on your keys. Provided you type the same shortcut that matches the one you specified in the editor, it should work with no bother.

If you want us to take a closer look, you can do Help > Create Diagnostic Report to create a set of diagnostics that will include, among other things, your customised shortcuts, and we could take a look to see if anything leaps out.

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Hello Simon!

As a Dorico user with a Swedish keyboard layout, in my experience, I find that installing an English keyboard layout (meaning that the actual keys on my keyboard will be remapped according to that keyboard layout effectively emulating an English keyboard) and switching to that while using Dorico works quite well. Of course you will have to relearn the meaning of some of your keys, but for me that went fairly quickly, and I know that there are built in shortcuts for switching between your installed keyboard layouts for both Windows and Mac, so once installed, switching between them is nearly hassle free.

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