Danish Keyboard Language and unavailable shortcuts

Thank you both for your responses!
I’ve tried to make it work with my danish layout but ran in to problems. If I don’t in windows change my keyboard language my shortcuts in Dorico are very strange, because any time I for instance use Shift as a modifier, my shortcuts will be Ctrl + alt + @ for instance in stead of Ctrl + alt + 2 - so I had to change my windows layout to English, which is also confusing - for instance I have to know how to write a slash one the “english” keyboard layout when I enter chords, so I’m doing like Fridolito - and chnaging keyboard language all the time with Win + space shortcut.
I think it would be a good idea to add more keyboard layouts as it will make the transition quite a lot more straightforward for newcomers - I’m sure you are aware of this, just wanted to let you know.
Looking forward to getting deep into the (great) software - I’ve already seen all 135 Dorico videos from the youtube channel, now I have to put my knowledge into use!

I read this thread from 2 years ago with Daniel saying they have no plans to add more localisations… I hope that it will happen, though.