Dark Era Best Service to work in CB13

OK newbie here, be gentle with me please . How do I get Dark Era into Cubase 13 Elements? It was hard enough even getting Dark era to download and open outside of Cubase. I have an idea about it being a plug-in please let me know how to get this working in CB13. Thanks


As I can see this on the Best Service web page:

The latest Engine 2 and a tutorial video can be downloaded here:
Best Service Downloads

They are using own player, which is named Engine 2. As written, it’s VST2, so if you use Cubase on Mac Apple Silicon, you have to run Cubase in the Rosetta mode.

After installation of the VST, you have to locate the *.dll plug-in file (if it’s not installed to any common, predefined folder), if you are on Windows. Do so in the VST Plug-in Manager in Cubase. Then rescan the plug-ins. The Engine 2 should appear in the VST Instruments.

Thanks That worked but there are no instruments loaded.
The Dark era opens outside of CB13 and works, albeit not with my Midi controller, just the on screen keyboard with Dark era. Of course I dont have the Midi keyboard run through the Audio interface. Yet the keyboard works with CB13 Halion etc. Man this is frustrating. It doesnt help that I am an old dinosaur too. Not tech saavy enough. Not sure what to do here. thanks though


If you want to use it in Cubase, you have to open it within Cubase.

Do you mean the window with the plug-in opens, but there are no sounds? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Thanks I got this figured out, had to re-download Dark era. Now I’m just trying to get the MIDI controller keyboard to play live and more repsonsive. Its a great system love the sounds. I appreciate your advice thanks