Dark Mode 2.0

Hi everybody!

Something I would really enjoy in a future Dorico update is an option to extend the dark mode to write mode: to have a dark paper background with bright notation on it. (Without changing the way how the score is then beeing exported or printed, of course…)

Thanks for considerating this!

Or perhaps a “Plate Engraver” mode, that does it all in white on black AND in mirror image?

On a Mac, you can inverse the video with CTRL Alt Command 8. There may well be a Windows setting too.

Try it! I find it gets very confusing looking at inverse music for long.
Screenshot 8.png

I can’t find the burin tool, to carve out my own slurs. That’s in Engraving mode, right?

+1 to all of it. Would be very visually appealing.

We do have an internal option to show the music in white on a dark background, which we use for testing, and we may well expose this in future, as part of a suite of options to influence the colours used in Dorico’s interface as an aid to accessibility.

benwiggy’s image reminds me of the original photocopy machines one found in the library in the 1960’s, except that they did not reverse the image left-to-right. :slight_smile: