dark or light theme using Cubase

So while I have a lot of great comments regarding using Cubase as a hobby,which I am very grateful for all those who have responded (and probably more soon) :smiley:

I have a little dilemma as to choosing a theme colour to work with,while using Cubase :laughing:
And had settled on a dark theme which looks good,but would like to ask ;

Do you prefer to work with a dark or light theme colour overall?
Naturally its very personal choice of course, but if you can help me decide I would be grateful :smiley:


I use light theme.
I hate dark themes in DAW’s ; makes me depressive :mrgreen:

Thanks for the help
Yeah I hear you and agree.I have been experimenting with a soft green colour,seems to work well.

Although I tend to like making horror and sci cinematic stuff,so something dark might put me in that mood too :laughing:

I tried using a dark theme in Cubase (and also tried it in Windows 10 overall). Gave it a few weeks but then reverted to a light theme. Mostly because there were a lot of times using the dark where the contrast between text & background was too low making it difficult to read.

I settled with the lightest grey, which is still not light enough for my taste. A couple of years ago, you could make the GUI as light as you wanted. But SB stepped in and made that impossible.

My man’s cave has windows on 2 sides and plenty of daylight when available. I prefer light GUI’s in general. No dark mode for me, thank you. Reminds me of the terminals I had to use in the 80-ties(which were a step up from the papertape and punch cards of the 70-ties)

thanks Raino

Good point there about the contrast between text and the background :slight_smile:

Thanks Zipb :slight_smile:

Yeah Im kinda heading towards a light theme too,maybe a soft green or something,Raino made a good point about a dark theme,where the contrast between the text and background was too low making it hard to read text.And probably landing up giving a headache through eye strain :astonished:

Hi All

Light theme for me, ditto in Wavelab, maybe it’s an age thing​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

Best Regards, Dave

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: yeah its an age thing for me too. I think a light theme might work,have to experiment

Thanks a lot

Mmm. That’s nice, Shanabit. Blue.

I use the Blue I posted and the Gray just how you have it. All I need here

Probably going to use a soft green theme,and customise various parts using the same shading :slight_smile:
Will spend some time and experiment

btw, your color scheme remind me Cubase 5 :smiling_imp:

My feelings :cry: :laughing: Sure does

I use a lighter theme and it was one of the main reasons I switched to Cubase. The dark themes of some other DAW’s turned me off completely, however my complaints fell on deaf ears and I felt like the odd one out. But here on this thread, every poster so far has indicated they prefer lighter themes.

I agree ,but I like to make dark ambient horror sci fi stuff,so where do I stand.I need a dark colour to represent my mind? :laughing:

But! I do make some nicer stuff too :smiley:
Currently working on a soft green custom colour,with similar shading through various parts