Dark planet and HSO actual plugin missing on download assistance

downloaded HSO and dark planet from download assistance ,installed it , but seems only the libraries are installed without the plugin itself.
the libraries are present in HSSE HS3 and H6.
for Dark planet i found an old installer from steinberg website download section. now the Dark planet instrument is present.
but didnt find the HSO plugin installer.
its kind of indication that steinberg goes for those old instruments as Halion libraries only in future ?
maybe to not transfer them to the new license system ?

These days I think it’s standard to just use HSSE with Symphonic Orchestra since they’ve had a verson that that’ll run in non Steinberg hosts for a while now if you just get the free player key.

I ‘might’ have the old single instance plugins for HSO on a disk somewhere. Seems like it was in an ‘extras folder’ or something on a DVD years ago. I’ll look but can’t promise I have it, or that it’ll still work even if can find it.

Since HSSE has that free key that can also work with hosts other than the Steinberg ones, or even in stand-alone mode, I think it’s much better (and of course if you have full Sonic or HALion those work too), so haven’t hunted that old original single instrument per instance HSO plugin in ages.

That’s correct. The independent virtual instruments for Hypersonic, Dark Planet, Triebwerk, HSO and Neo Soul Keys are discontinued and it’s explicit not recommended to use them in “new” projects these days.
Even if you have older projects that contain the above mentioned independent virtual instruments, you should consider to “transform” these projects to the “new” mechanism ( e.g. HALion Sonic SE + libraries).
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the problem with this is “that old” projects used to have those plugins wont assign HSSE instead of those instruments,
so if you not have them installed you can’t recrates the project as it was.
personally not a big issue as i only have one project i needed to recreate with those

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Thanks, but its not that important to me now, had only one old project with it, i solved it. :+1:

And how you will know what to load in HSSE if you don’t have independent plugin installed? Maybe you remember preset’s name? Okay, but if you have some parameters changed, then you won’t restore the idea. So better is to have old plugins installed. I have and preset loaded earlier is loading correctly.

But I like your “i only have one project:slight_smile: I have some 300 sketches using Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk, HSO and Dark Planet and until today I didn’t know that something was changed.