Dark Planet Drum Slices - where are MIDI patterns?

I’m demo’ing Dark Planet, looking for some more detailed information on Drum patches; how to tweak the patterns.

It looks like each patch has specific rhythm pattern that can be triggered from keys (represented as gray on the on-screen keyboard), which is built on top of the slices. Each slice has a rhythmical piece inside and is placed in the upper key area (represented white). Some magic behind the patch seems to be playing back those slices when a gray key is pressed, one at a time, as the tick advances. For instance, at the tick 0, the slice at C3 is played, and at the tick 2, C#3, tick 3 for D3, and so on.

Now, the tick length for each slice does not look even. Some slice may have longer tick length.
This is based on my observation of the animation of the sequence I found in the “tool” backstage page.

I’m wondering if there is a MIDI pattern for each patch that I can copy & paste into the Cubase MIDI tracks, so that I can replicate the patch and eventually tweak the pattern and make variations.
I couldn’t find the information of this kind in the rather terse manual.


Anyone using Dark Planet? Your suggestion is much appreciated.

I’ve heard that slices and MIDI patterns were the way some Groove engines work, such as Stylus or Heavyocity Evolve - and imagined Dark Planet would work similarly when I found the grooves were built on sliced pieces.

What version of dark planet… Dark planet as its own instrument or a
Halion Sonic SE . as its own instrument and as Halion Sonic SE its missing the drag midi slice file
to track
But If you use it in HALion Sonic and or HAlion 5 you can drag Midi slice file to track
you will have also more editing features in Halion Sonic and unlimited editing in
Halion 5.
I think as its own instrument they should of added the drag midi slice file feature…
for people who use it in other daws .

But for me I use Halion 5 only, very powerful

Thank you for the info, iRan. I’m using HALion Sonic v1.5. Haven’t felt a need to update until now, but it sounds like I should. Will jump on it when it’s on sale…

Hopefully DP is on the sale again in the future (I missed the last one, short of knowing D&D was supported)