Dark Planet released for Halion - question

Is there anyone that knows if the library has any theremin instruments?

Is there any theremins offered in the steinberg vst sound sets? if so which librarys have them?

Just to update this, I purchased 3 soundsets for h4 yesterday, dark planet included. I have to say these are some of the most useable sounds created in a pack. cheers to steinberg and thanks alot! good job

I didn’t find my theremin,but I found plenty of dark and weirder sounds for my productions. hats of to ya :sunglasses:

I would think a theremin is basically just a sine wave played as a monophonic legato, ornamented with lots of pitch bend.

Right on, and thanks for your offerings.I’ve tried to get it to sound good,but I’m looking for a better one then i’ve made thus far, a great sounding theremin for H4 would be cool mine hasn’t come out so good.


I wanna ask about Dark Planet here, cause i don’t want new thread about this.
I just wanna know, if i can use Dark Planet with HalionOne, which is included with my Cubase Essential 5 version and if yes, what are limits to use or there aren’t ?

Thanks for any kind of information,


Sorry, no. I’d have already bought it. :wink:

It only works for halion sonic, se, or halion 4 from what I’ve gathered. It’s an amazing set of sounds though.


Good free alternative :slight_smile: , but it still kinda shows the free part too. No 800 presets, or builtin modulation effects.