Darken Key Editor Background Piano Roll?

In older versions of Cubase one could increase or decrease the colour intensity of the black and white horizontal lines/notes/pitches (piano roll) in the Key Editor. This seems to have disappeared in Cubase 7/8.
I would like to increase the intensity of the colour because they are very faint in the default setting.
Can anyone let me know how this is done now?

I can’t remember if we no longer have as much freedom as regards the Editors’ appearance, but anyways, all that is available is to be found in Preferences>Appearance>Editors.

That’s done in Preferences: Appearence: Editors: Editors Grid Color

Thanks to both replies.
But this is not what there used to be.
“Preferences: Appearence: Editors: Editors Grid Color” only changes the vertical grid colour whereas I want the change the horizontal piano roll lines so that they are more visible
As someone who has used Cubase since CubaseVST it is annoying to see this sort of ‘dumbing down’ of control and options in supposedly improved versions. I always felt that Steinberg understood the importance of the serious user but here there seems to be a problem.
Has someone listed this in Feature Requests section?

I don’t think anyone disagrees with you :wink: