Dashed 8va hook line

Hey there!
When you try to make the 8va hook length bigger, it doesn’t preserve the dashed style, as it does with the dotted one. I attach an image of an example seen in an Alphonse Leduc — Éditions musicales publication. It could be great that Dorico could approach this kind of style!


Thanks for the suggestion, which I will make a note of.

And I still hope that the 8vb will come as an option for us who knows this as the normal spelling of the Ottawa bassa in a future update.

Dear Rerei,
Ottawa ? Really ? :joy:

ReRei, it was probably the spellchecker jumping in here…

Yes k_b your right.

Sorry Mark.

Just kidding, Rerei, no pun intended :wink:

Of course. All is well :slight_smile:

Will the 8vb come in a future update? I would be like to complete piano scores however I will never use 8ba.

You will be able to make this adjustment for yourself using the forthcoming music symbols editor, certainly, but I will also grit my teeth and we will provide a proper option for this in future, though not in the coming update.

Thanks for the information.