Dashed ossia barlines in piano quartet SCORE

I am writing stuff for piano quartet (violino, viola, violoncello, pianoforte). At the end of the piece, both violino and viola have short ossia passages. I want the ossia bars to be joined by DASHED BARLINES with the main staves.

So I go to great Engraving Options and choose this:

“1 Engraving Options.png”
1 Engraving Options

Consequently, both two PARTS are now fine with dashes barlines:

“2 Violino.png”
2 Violino

“3 Viola.png”
3 Viola

But in full score only the first ossia, violino, is having dashed barlines, the second, viola, is still having solid barlines:

“4 Score.png”
4 Score

How do I solve this full score ossia barline problem marked with question marks? I tried with “lines”, too, but that is not a real solution. I also tried some different player groupings. Didn’t help. What am I missing here?

Thank you, guys. :slight_smile:

In Engrave mode:
Click on the Violin ossia staff, Ctrl/Cmd-click on the Cello staff, click on Change Barline Joins
Change Barline Joins

Click on the Violin ossia staff, Ctrl/Cmd-click on the Violin (non-ossia) staff, click on Change Barline Joins.
If you have Join with dashed barline selected (and applied) in Engraving options > Barlines > Ossias, it should appear like this.


Fantastic. :slight_smile: The funny thing is that before asking on the forum, I did try also the “Change Barline Joins”, but did not do it properly. So thank you EVER SO much, Steven! :slight_smile: