Dashed Slurs and parenthesized Objects


So I have this music editing project that I am working on and I finally have used Dorico for it. Everything fantastic so far, just a minor detail that could turn into a lot of additional work:

I employed some dashed slurs and parenthesized dynamics and accidentals. In the Full score Layout everything looks fine, but in the parts all the carefully chosen edits concerning the dashes and parenthesizes don’t appear - instead the objects just show up as regular Dynamics and Slurs etc!

Is there an option that I am missing or do I really have to manually set each edited slur in the parts again to the desired appearance? That would be very unfortunate. I hope you have a better solution that I am not seeing.

Thanks for the great work on the program so far!


Hi Florian!
You are fortunate : what you are looking for is the (much awaited) propagate properties that appeared in Dorico 2.1
I suggest you watch the sequence where John Barron demonstrates this in the last Discover Dorico (from yesterday), so that you are confident it’s what you’re looking for!

Hi Marc,
thanks for the quick reply! Worked like a charm!

(I do hope we will get support for notes with parentheses via the properties panel soon.)