dashed slurs

If I set a slur to be dashed in a score, this doesn’t carry through to the parts.
Is there a reason for this?

Like many properties, we err on the side of flexibility and allowing properties to be set differently in multiple layouts. However, this might be a case that we should revisit. In general we intend to provide means to apply the properties from one layout to one or more other layouts soon, but we will also review which properties should rightly be allowed to be set independently.

Spacing changes or moving things around I understand, but I’d want Dorico to set a pretty high bar of awkwardness before letting me have different articulations or slurs between score and parts.
I’m probably pretty vanilla here though… I want the conductor to see what the player is seeing.
Most of my questions at the moment are to make sure I’m not getting into bad habits by working round things I’ve inadvertently done badly.

Thank you!

I think the issue is less about differences between score and parts as it is the ability to have uniformity or variance. As long as the items in question can be filtered on a global basis, then it takes only a moment to make things congruent, or otherwise. Filterability (is that a word?) seems to be paramount here; from there one can do almost anything, layout-wise.

It’s also about not getting gotcha’d when working fast.