Data Backup: O&O Disk Image (1magineer, r u there? :-) )

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I didn’t want to hijack the other thread that 1magineer recommended this product.

1magineer, or anyone else using it … can you talk about your experience please? Have you ever had to depend on it/recover a disk? How hard/intrusive is it? Does it take a long time to image?

Right now, I am using a haphazard combination of a backup program, and manually dragging files, to a separate hard drive connected by USB. For the backup program, I always have this fear that though it looks so pretty, it won’t step up to the plate when the chips are down and I need it to recover data.

And as far as the manual drag … I’m pretty sure I’m only dragging the rendered audio and the .cpr/.bak/.csh/etc. files (since they are labelled by date), but missing a lot of the actual recorded audio files (since they are not).

So … I know you are happy with it 1magineer, and I am happy for you about that … please do tell more!

((I would be looking at the Pro version).


Good review above, but I’ve heard these can sometimes be completely unreliable and biased.

Recovery (with O&O) can be somewhat difficult since the program does not display the drive which one needs to either replace, or make repairs

The above quote from a comparison with Acronis: Acronis True Image 2013 vs O&O DiskImage 7

I know one of us uses this software (1magineer par excellence) does anyone else, and has anyone had occasion to recover data using it?

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Hi Alexis,

I have not done a full recovery of a drive yet (haven’t had the need), but I can vouch for the reliability of the product for imaging large files and folder and reconstructing them.

And the best part, is it is NOT expensive to buy and try!

I can’t see why you would bother with any thing other than windows own disk image , that’s good enough and works .
I used to use Acronis true image until I had a faulty drive and went to reinstall the image on a new drive and the effing bastarding wanky file was corrupt !!!

windows disk image is good enough :wink:

oppss just seen your on xp thou but i’ll leave my opinion here :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

BTW, one reason I chose O&O is MACHINE (HARDWARE) INDEPENDENCE. In other words, if I change a motherboard, or CPU, or a disk drive, O&O doesn’t care. I assume Acronis has this feature, but if not, that’s a feature I’d insist on.

yes Acronis has this feature , they call it migration and it’s the “true image 13 plus package”

I used Acronis True Image 2013 plus pack to migrate my C drive from a disk to an SSD without doing a re-install. Pretty slick piece of software.

yep it’s simple to use …source disk > destination disk > partition size >click > sit back and wait , couldn’t be simpler BUT for some reason I had one “clone” and 2 disk back ups that were completely corrupt so everything had to be reinstalled again .
Looking back at it now I should of sent Acronis a copy of the file as their online " chat " support is very good . Good software ,good company it’s just my bad experience , I still use it but it’s not the only safe guard I rely on :wink:

I can’t remember the horrors I had with Acronis about four years ago (I do remember that there were many people who had the same problem), so I tried Paragon Hard Disk Manager and I haven’t looked back. Even I can understand how it works and it’s not expensive. I have succesfully restored my office computer with it without a hitch. The problem with backups/mirrors is that there’s no way of telling if they’re going to do their stuff when needed. :sunglasses:

well there is if you clone the drive ,you just plug the other drive in to test it then store it :wink:

I stand by what I said :wink:

Out of all the recommendations from all the highly respected posters on this site, this is one of the few I remember reading about that stated the program was actually tested to restore a full bad drive/computer - good to hear it worked out well!

I use Paragon Free to do my back ups, probably the same engine, I imagine. Pretty slow, and not an “image” program.

Maybe I should do the redundancy thing and back up two ways, onto two different drives: an image-based backup like O&O, and a file based backup like Paragon.

Would that sound like overkill, or appropriate caution?

I was first introduced to imaging software 20 years ago, when we used it to set up 30 classroom computers at a time for a particular class, say, Lotus Notes, and then the next day, for A+ training, etc. I was impressed with it then, and learned to trust it. We had a whole business relying on it. :wink: So though I haven’t had the need for it yet, it’s performance in imaging and restoring folders leaves me no reason to doubt. Don’t think O&O or Acronis would be around long if the product didn’t function as advertised. :wink: