I have a problem with the Data CD/DVD function, or to be specific: with the final iso / CD.

I used it to finalize a “MP3 CD” -> a ‘Data CD’ with MP3 files on it for an Audio book.

Now it seems to be, that the pressed Master has the MP3 files on it. PC/Mac can read it. A tested DVD player also plays it - but some customers can’t play it on their Mp3-Cd-“Ready” CD Player, whereas other MP3-CDs can be played.

Has anybody an idea, where to look, or knows where there could be a problem ?

The Iso was made with WaveLab 8.5 -> Data CD -> 650MB CD

Thanks for ANY input!



I’m not sure but I think this has to do with structure of the MP3-CD
how the files/folders are laid out so the CD/MP3 player find the song(s)
or can it be the Data CD format itself !?
One idea have a look at a commercial MP3-CD and make an copy
try to find out how it is built up with files/folders the structure !

or PG have ideas here !

hope it helps

regards S-EH

thanks that seems to be a good starting point. I will check this out.

All other commercial MP3-Cds I know of, have the same structure.
All Files in the root Folder.

Perhaps PG has an idea which ISO-Version Wavelab uses ? i Can’t find any info.
Maybe there lies the problem ?

Also I can’t find a Program to read out / analyze the CD Informations on the Mac. Any ideas. I found some for windows which i will check out …



Your users can’t find the mp3 files, or can find them and can’t play them?

Are you using special characters in some file name? Maybe that’s what some players don’t like.

Apart that, there is only one ISO format. I doubt the problem is here.

The users can’t find them / the CD doesn’t show up.

I had a chance to burn the same files to a CD with toast and test it in a car-stereo.

The “Toast” files show up - the WaveLab CD ( i only have the burned CD at hand , not the pressed one) is not accepted.

The Name was one of my first thoughts - and it long, but has no special characters.

I therefore burned a CD with the exact Name with Toast, which does work. So I don’t know.

With the ISO comment i thought in the same direction because i read:

"In 2013, ISO published Amendment 1 to the ISO 9660 standard, introducing new data structures and relaxed file name rules intended to “bring harmonization between ISO 9660 and widely used ‘Joliet Specification’.”[4]) (Wikipedia)

Another test: I have two commercial CDs where the CD manufacturer made the image and we only sent our MP3.
One has the same behavior as mine (with the car Stereo, which at the moment is the only chance to check it)

  • the other is working.

Little bit clueless on my side …

What I found out: (with the Software VSO Inspector)

Working CDs have:

Non-Working have:
UDF-Dateisystem Ver. 1.02

The Next Test:

WaveLab 4 & WaveLab 6 write ISO & Joliet on the CD
WaveLab 8.5 writes UDF on any Disc

Is this on purpose ? I haven’t found any settings for this.

I will ask Gear, the CD driver supplier of WaveLab. I hope to have some feedback by monday.

Indeed, the Joliet-Dateisystem is a low-level format option which is not used in WaveLab. This will need an update to solve this compatibility issue.

Thanks for the info.
As there seem to be CD-player which only support the older format, I think it’s important to have the abilities to write the joliet-format.

Will there be a driver update for WL8 /9 hopefully in the near future ?

This is not a driver update tat is needed, but a WaveLab update to order the driver to do the jolietstuff. I expect this to happen in the second quarter.

I guess there is no update on this subject - just to know.
I can use another program.


Actually, I have checked this issue a few months ago. And on our side, joliet is enabled. I changed something to ensure “more surely” that joliet is enabled. But: this happens in WaveLab 9, and I can’t guarantee that it will solve your problem.