'Date Modified' in mediabay is the wrong time/date zone

Can the Cubase time/date zone be updated?

Makes searching for files difficult if project folders are going to have different dates than their Date Modified in the media bay.

OS? Platform?
More info please.

I added the issue tag.


Windows 10.
Cubase 12.0.50.

Is there anyone who works for Steinberg who helps on these forums?

Steinberg staff post here frequently, but not systematically, because this is primarily a user to user forum.

If you give specific details you have a better chance of getting an answer from one or more of the many experienced forum members. What you have told the forum so far is quite vague.

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Ok, the timestamps (including dates) in the Date Modified column in the Cubase media bay are not matching my computer system, which is Windows 10.
It appears they are synced to a different time zone.

I was asking if there is a way to correct the Cubase timezone?

Or any other help with this situation that might explain why the time is out of sync with my location.

I’ve never seen anything having to do with time zones in Cubase.

I could report a bug directly to Steinberg though, so please let me know:

  • What is the offset between the actual time and that displayed in Mediabay?

  • Are the timestamps offset by -2 hours? That’s what I am seeing.

  • Are all times off, or only new modification times?

I have never checked file modification times in Mediabay, so I have never noticed this. I only am interested in relative time diff, as in which file was modified last.

If we’re both seeing wrong times by the same amount relative to our time zones maybe we have enough info to report it.

What’s happening, at least on my machine, is that the formula to calculate human readable time from 10 digit raw time the mediabay uses is not working right.

Thanks for checking.

That is strange that you see it too. However, in my case it is 18 hours behind. If the difference between our geographical time zones is 16 hours, then Cubase is just running on its own constant clock.

For example, modifying a file @ 20:00PM here (Melbourne AU) showed up as 02:00AM. For reference, the corresponding CT in USA time is 03:00AM.

All times are off I assume. Even when you add a comment to a media bay file, it takes on a new modified date/time, with the same offset.

Will you report this to Steinberg? I rely on exact dates of files for file organization and housekeeping.
Thanks for your help.

Quite a weird thing. It appears to be calculating as if we are in USA Pacific Time.

I’ll report.

LOL, my media bay is 9 hours behind my computer’s time zone. I also end up at Los Angeles time. I blame Hans Zimmer.


It’s annoying that it differs from the host time.
I can confirm it for Nuendo as well.

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…and it was the same in C11.

Report has been submitted.

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Any updates about this?

Time stamps are inaccurate and I made a post about it because nothing seems to be happening. That post was closed by @steve .

It’s unfortunate for time stamps to be inaccurate in any context so why can’t this be quickly fixed in Cubase, a computer-based system?

And I still can’t believe no one has ever picked up on this but me.

yes, because you already said in this topic

but indeed

All true

Did you hear anything about it from the developers?

4 months later and a simple timestamp computer feature that Cubase has wrong is still not corrected?
Do they even care?
Do users even care?

Personally, for file organisation, it would be nice to have the ability for a computer software to do accurate timestamps!