date stamp bug ?

The datestamps on the files in my audio folder is mostly off by one day - e.g. they show Jan 7 on files recorded Jan 8.
Some of them are way off,but a few of them are right.
They have the right date when looking directly in the audio folder. I know that Cubase shows the modified date, not the recorded date.
Anyone else seen this ?

It is a leap year, you know.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Don’t think so but I’ll have a look.

files were recorded last year so that’s no it…
anyone else ?

Question: does it still happen now, cause Steinberg might have fixed it in an update? Not next to my DAW otherwise I’d look myself…


I don´t like to use this word, but as this error seems to be there for a while now (pre Cubase 6), I´d say it´s a bug. But I hope, someone can show me the contrary.

All the best.