"Date/Time incorrect" - Activating License Code

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a second hand Focusrite Scarlet Studio and was trying to download and activate Cubase 8 in my PC using the given activation codes from the Tech Support. The installation was smooth til’ the last part where i manually encode the Activation Code for Cubase LE 8. A prompt popped up message showed and says;

License Activation
The date/time settings of this computer seem to be incorrect.

Please verify your computer’s date, time and time zone settings and try again later, or contact your software vendor’s support dep’t in case the problem persist.

I already sent an email to the tech support.

BTW im from the Philippines. I am thinking that is there in any case an issues registering the Software in my timezone? should i use the US time zone?

please help FAM! thanks!

Most probably, the issue really is caused by incorrect date/time settings, as suggested by the error message.

Usually, it is the computer’s time zone setting that is incorrect, because the time zone information is used to convert your local time to universal time.

Please check that your computer does indeed know that you’re located in the Philippines.

I am also facing this error. Actually I just formatted my computer and re-installed Cubase. While installing with the old license activation code it is popping up with the timezone error message. I have set the correct timezone for India in my laptop but still it is giving me the same error. Can you please help!