DaTube vst noise rustle

Hey guys, just wanted to ask if a side noise(rustle)is part of the effect or if something else is going wrong on my track? Well, i even like that noise if it would be adjustable by any kind, but i cant find any options to do so…

It’s nearly impossible to know for sure what you are hearing without an audio example.

I haven’t used Da Tube in awhile, but I can’t remember experiencing any problems like you describe.

Just tried it on a vocal track. Works as it should. I thank you for reminding me of this forgotten gem. I actually had not loaded it since it got a cosmetic overhaul. Oooohh … fancy! :slight_smile:

Anyway, it added what I was missing for now. Export audio mixdown …

Same here! Recorded a vocal track and went round and round trying to figure out where the static noise was coming from. At first I thought it was a noise gate switching around room background noise. It sounds just like a dirty connection on a mic or amp cable. Actually it sounds a lot like the old effect Cuabase used to have to simulate an old vinyl LP, minus the hum and rumble. Finally found that it went away when I bypassed Da Tube. Tried different presets. The harder you drive it, the more static noise it makes. It’s not loud, be quite noticeable in headphones. I applied a silence process to the part and the noise also went away, so it seems to be interacting with low level noise to create the static. No problem with Magneto II. I think there’s a problem, but I have Magneto so I’m not gonna sweat it.